BPG Modular H-Harness


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The BPG Modular H-Harness provides a contoured shape for more comfort and reduce muscle fatigue as well as maintaining your posture. When you combine a more ergonomic harness shape with our padded shoulder pontoons; the outcome is more endurance, range of motion, flexibility, speed, and an entirely more effective operator. Our Modular Chest Straps provide flexibility due to the integrated mil-spec elastic. Once it’s been adjusted to your desired length, it will not restrict your movement in any way.

While most chest-rigs come with simple webbing or fabric straps, no adjustability and no padding for comfort. This is not the case with the MHH.

The BPG Modular H-Harness is dynamic! There are straps that run through the interchanging elastic and Molle webbing section and tuck into the laser cut PALS velcro. This allows you to adjust the ride height of the chassis. If you want to run your chassis lower or higher, you can adjust on the fly. It’s varied chassis height feature allows for more natural reach tailored to your body.¬† Velcro cuffs at the ends of every adjustment tab, all around the rig, makes sure no excess straps are hanging/dragging you down.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 2 in

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