Full Auto Testing

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MIRAGE MITIGATION (Important for Precision Rifle Shooting, reduces heat mirage seen through scope).
  • BPG Suppressor Covers offer Burn Resistance (100% Fire Retardant construction including KEVLAR thread, Carbon composites and NOMEX fabrics)
  • Highest level of protection while shooting in various different scenarios.
  • Safety when conducting vehicle, aerial, and maritime operations is essential. Our suppressor covers protect both you and your teammates from suppressor burns (which achieve temperatures of up to 2000F).
  • If you happen to destroy your suppressor due to excessive full-auto, a BPG cover may save your life or some else’s (from flying shrapnel).
  • Keep your gear and rifle case / bag safe from melting onto your blistering hot suppressor.
    Protect your suppressor from nicks, dings, and scratches that often occur while shooting tactical courses, hard use scenarios, and real engagements.

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