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We’d like to give our best wishes to all of you this Memorial Day and god bless your families. Let’s remember those who serve our country, fight for her freedom, past and present.
Honor them πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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Team guy gets to enjoy the finer suppressed pews of the @burnproofgear 11.3” GEN1 BP-15 (5.56) paired with a @yhmachineco turbo t2 + BPG Heavy Cover (FDE) a few weeks ago, at Pew Party 2 by @pewculture @_jaytheshooter powered by @silencershop 🀌🏾

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Our newest product "The Daily" is finally here! Take this chance to order one for your Valentine and ensure a successful V-Day. The Valentine`s Day Sale is Now Live! 🎁 CODE: β€œVDAY2023”

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Do you like the name β€œBPG Recondo Pack”?
Like this Post and Tag 5 friends in the Comments for a chance to win 1 of 5 backpacks like the one above. The winners must be following:
They will be a limited color-way we will not sell!
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Take a sneak peak of our newest product to be released very soon! This minimalist pack will be launched through Amazon at first and later available on all our normal sales channels: our website, optics planet, and stocking dealers. Made in USA @ our Miami Facility!
Comment below which colors you’d like to get this cool pack in and we’ll take the requests into consideration for production schedules.
#burnproofgear #daypack #thedaily #grayman #edc #covert #minimalist #recon #lowpro #amazon

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Some say Multicam Tropic is the most functional pattern from @multicampattern
What do you think?
Our BPG Fanny Pack is a simplistic but extremely durable option for carrying your mission or daily essential gear. Don’t see the price tag and flinch, you’re paying for durability, design, and made in USA quality. Limited lifetime warranty to boot!
#burnproofgear #burningman #bpg #beach #edc #photography #madeinamerica #usa

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Which is your favorite @multicampattern ???
We love @multicamblackgang MCB (Multicam Black) and MCA (Multicam Arid) in Miami.
Honestly, we love all Multicam patterns πŸ˜‚
#bpg #burnproofgear

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Do you hate having bulging pockets, filled with your daily carry essentials?

If you do, give our Fanny Packs a try! You’ll instantly see why we love them and can’t wait for our customers to enjoy bulge free pockets πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

Available via amazon prime. Link in Bio or search our amazon store.

#bpg #burnproofgear #fannypack #madeinusa #police #carry #miami #america

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Stocks or braces? πŸ‘€

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Is having a forward assist overrated? πŸ‘€

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Have you wrapped your tool? Don’t be a fool!

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Rooftop Dimes
North Miami Vibes

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Rooftop Dimes
North Miami Vibes

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Rooftop Dimes
North Miami Vibes

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Who is slinging lead this weekend? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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Do you guys like big or small EDC backpacks?

With its expandable pockets and compact yet roomy interior/pockets, small profile and modularity. The BPG Scout pack seems to hit all the marks!

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Should you run back up sights regardless of having an optic?

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Do you prefer a stock or a brace? πŸ‘€

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What is your go to caliber when shooting suppressed?

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What is your preferred length for a suppressed rifle?

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Whats on your hanguard?

Keep your rail systems nice and cool with our Rail Rap! Guaranteed to perform in all year weather/conditions. Works amazing with lights, wires and up front gizmos!

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Want to eliminate mirage?

Our suppressor cover take care of any mirage to give you a clear path for your optics/lasers while maintaining your can cool enough to handle.

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Do you like wearing gloves?

Our Rail Rap eliminates the need to use gloves when handling your blaster. It keeps things cool while maintaining a solid grip along with a point of reference on your rail system.

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What admin items would you add to your rig?

Padded Harness with Milspec webbing makes attaching crucial gear a breeze! Mount PTTs, Chem Lights, Carabiners and much more! Not to mention an added velcro space for all ID patches!

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What would you run a BPG Placard on?

Our Placards can interface with other chest rigs and plate carriers as well, we believe in cross-compatibility!

#placard #gear #tacticalgear #outdoor #adventure #lifestyle #camping #hunting #survivalgear

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BPG-MCRS-CB || The BPG Modular Placard also features ITW NEXUS removable buckles, to streamline or to mount into a plate carrier. Simply unclip/remove the 1β€³ buckles from the sides and mount it directly to any loop Velcro panel paired with QD Tubes from First Spear or others for maximum convenience.

#rig #gear #olatecarrier #milspec #tactical #tacticalgear #vest #softgoods #outdoor #sports #hunting

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BPG-MCRS-MCA || Our design is the first placard design to integrate precision laser-cut PALS Velcro loop into the front of the placard. This feature allows for molle gear to be attached easily and securely.

#chestrig #rig #gear #olatecarrier #milspec #tactical #tacticalgear #vest #softgoods #outdoor #sports #hunting

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BPG-MCRS-BLK || The Modular Harness provides a contoured shape for more comfort and reduce muscle fatigue as well as maintaining your posture. In conjunction with our padded shoulder pontoons, this greatly increases the comfortability to another level.

#chestrig #platecarrier #vest #shootingrange #gear #outdoors #tacticalgear #comfortable #burnproof #multicam #speedqb

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The BPG-MMS-MCA is a magsack but with added modularity. It includes hook velcro at the bottom along with loop velcro for ID patches as well as FR lining.
Available in Multicam Arid

#pouch #pouches #woodland #cordura #adminpouch #gear #tacgear #multicamarid

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Garand Thumb Honey Badger Review Featuring BPG Suppressor Cover Heavy for Q Trash Panda.