The BPG Origins Story

How did the Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover come to be? Being based in South Florida (Miami), we are fortunate to have pro-gun laws. Florida is among the most firearm friendly states, and is actually the state with the second most NFA items registered in the past couple years. Miami summers are brutal, especially since the summer lasts a majority of the year. At tactical courses, the sun isn’t the only thing burning shooters.

Back in 2014, before Burn Proof Gear existed, the founder of BPG received a Form 4 Tax Stamp approval for an AAC 762SD-N6. Within a month, he managed to melt a lunch box, two pairs of pants, and a nice pair of standard issue Oakley gloves. He eventually decided to buy a mirage cover from a well known-brand at the time (it was a nylon cover with a silicone rubber and fiberglass tube on the inside, fill in the blank). To say the least, the mirage cover (which claimed to be rated to 3000 F) did not perform as advertised and melted during the first trip to the range. The only true requirement was that the cover could withstand a carbine class (up-down drills, slow rates of fire, semi-auto). While maintaining a simple looking design, it did not stay on even after multiple attempts to tighten it. It flew off a many times until a friend finally shot a hole in it. Some people say that you shouldn’t be touching a suppressor anyways, so why cover it? My response, “Why wear a helmet while riding a bicycle?”

Some original products we’ve designed are:

  • Suppressor Cover
  • Kevlar Shoe Laces
  • Blast Shield Cover
  • Rail-Rap
  • Burn Proof Hank
  • Ammo Bag
  • Modular Chest Rig System
  • Modular Mag Sack
  • Modular Admin Pouch
  • Fanny Pack
  • More to come…

Take your time looking around and thanks for your interest in Burn Proof Gear.

Note: Suppressor, Silencer, Can are all interchangeable.