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Key Installation Tips:

  • Make sure cover is cinching behind the rear end-cap of the silencer. This will ensure the cover will not fly forward.
  • The logo should be right side up when looking at the cover (from the ejection port side).
  • When cinching, make sure to start from the front and work your way back. The video will show this step by step.
  • Looping the cord around is easy and quick. Just wrap around until you have about 3-4 inches of slack left from the front loop, and wrap around the tube.
  • Removal is even quicker, just un-loop the bungee or rope from around the silencer tube, and let it fly (or just unravel it).
  • The best way to test if the cover is installed properly is to pull on it, Hard! If the cover moves at all, there is something wrong.
  • Please contact us for any specific issues or questions with installation.

BPG Covers come pre-looped to show the user how to install it properly.

The Tension MUST be adjusted once the cover is installed (put on your suppressor).

Surefire Warden Blast Shield Cover - 3.5" - Black

Keep in mind, the suppressor cover is designed to have two loops to pull the bungee or rope through.

You must pull through the loop and away from it to create a tension point.

Lastly, Wrap the bungee or rope around the silencer until you reach the front loop cord.

Once you have looped through the front loop cord, wrap the bungee loop around the cover to lock it in place.