BPG Rail-Rap

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Burn Proof Gear™ Rail-Rap

“Say goodbye to scorching hot rails and the hassle of constantly searching for gloves that tear or disappear.”

The Rail Rap measures 6″ long and 2.5″ wide.

Fits Rail Diameters: 1.5″ to 2.0″

There are many features users have found to be very useful:

  • Reduces heat mirage from rail
  • Cable management
  • Makes integrally suppressed systems manageable
  • Hand positioning reference point
  • Soft point of contact for your rail on a hard surface
  • Made in the USA with Berry Compliant FR fabrics

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 0.25 in

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15 reviews for BPG Rail-Rap

  1. Easton Lewis (verified owner)

    I initially bought a suppressor cover to work as a Rail-Rap, and heard word of a actual Rail-Rap coming and couldn’t pass it up. It’s currently mounted on my SBR and only thing I had to do was shorten the cord so I didn’t have so much dangling, once you play with it a lil bit I cannot explain to you how snug it is, as any SBR goes, it gets pretty hot pretty quick and with this thing on it’s like night and day difference!

  2. Jon

    Great product. Covers my SLR 9.7″ solo lite just right and keeps the carbon, from my adjustable block off ,my hand. It looks great on my gun and does an awesome job mitigating the barrel heat.

  3. taulce1 (verified owner)

    Recently ordered and installed the rail-rap on my AR15 11.5 setup. Looks great and makes holding the rifle very comfortable. I normally shoot with gloves on so I cannot attest to it’s heat reduction properties. It is well constructed and i’m very pleased with the purchase. It will be going on all of my rifles in the future.

  4. iceshinobi2007 (verified owner)

    Works really good to mitigate heat coming off your barrel.

  5. Austin

    Amazing product. Could not be happier with its functionality. Actually makes the weapon easier to hold as well as enabling it stay cool while in use. Hope to see more from you guys.

  6. Travis Lung (verified owner)

    Great product! Works as designed , providing a layer of protection and a very comfortable grib surface. My on recommandation is that the corners tend to roll so if a future wrap had 1/2” chamfered corners it would be perfect!

  7. Greg (verified owner)

    This is a simple, yet amazing piece of gear. I added it to my Noveske N4 pistol build, because that NSR free float rail gets HOT!! I hated shooting with gloves on in the military, so I figured I would give this a try. It WORKS! If I want to do rapid-fire, high volume drills, I can still do it WITHOUT GLOVES! Tjanks BPG.

  8. Levi A. (verified owner)

    Rarely am I surprised at quality, hands down pictures do not give the product justice. No frizz anywhere, stitching qualifies them to suture my quad bypass surgery in 30 years. Thanks guys great work, fast as hell shipping

  9. Jeff Burgmeier (verified owner)

    Running a wrap on my 12” SBR, works great, No gloves no ghetto grip

  10. Jeff Burgmeier (verified owner)

    No clumsy rail or panels, great heat mitigation, ok, ocd, everything with a rail is covered now

  11. Gregg Stevens

    Awesome product. Works perfectly for my needs. Thanks much.

  12. icebawkz (verified owner)

    Looks awesome, fits wicked good! Cant wait to use it next season

  13. Michael Mcdowell (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this. Helps with the heat so much. Thanks for a great product

  14. Raven Schreiner (verified owner)

    Outstanding customer service and product. I could not be more satisficed with my cover. Keep it up guys!

  15. CELIA


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