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If the suppressor cover size you need is listed in the SIZE CHART as custom, click on the link and it will take you to the Custom Cover product page.

*Please do not order a standard cover if you need a custom. This stops the entire order process and we’ll put your order on-hold until the price difference is paid. Make sure to enter your suppressor details or our shipping team will not process the order.*

Product Specifications and Use Restrictions for BPG Suppressor Cover – Heavy

  • Eliminates burns and damaged gear
  • Full Auto Capable up to 1000° F
  • Made in USA with fully FR Materials
  • Patented Design
  • “No slip fit” Guarantee
  • Two part system (Cover + replaceable FR Sleeving) increases product lifetime
  • Standard Heavy cover will only fit 1.5″ diameter suppressors

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The Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Heavy

Product Description

The BPG Suppressor Cover Heavy is designed to fit suppressors that are 1.5 inches in diameter and can be made to fit any length. All Burn Proof Gear suppressor covers are designed to be 0.5 inches longer than the suppressor itself. This allows the cover to cinch around the front and rear of the suppressor to ensure a “No-Slip Fit.” The Heavy cover is made from aerospace and military grade fire retardant materials. DuPont Kevlar has a maximum operating temperature of 1000° F (roughly 180 shots fired of m855). The second component of the Suppressor Cover Heavy is an inner liner comprised of fiberglass mesh sleeving. Its maximum operating temperature is 2000° F. The Suppressor Cover Heavy is compatible with all calibers suppressors (.223, 300 BLK, .308, 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO). Once the cover is installed on a suppressor that is 1.5 inches in diameter, the overall diameter of the suppressor with cover installed should not exceed 1.75 inches. The standard cover sizes range from 6 inches to 9.5 inches long and weighs less than 3 ounces at the shortest configuration and 5.5 ounces at 12.5 inches long. The cover is a two piece design; the inner sleeving which is cut to length and the cover. The covers resist the extreme heat generated from suppressors and enable the operator to transition confidently without burning their legs, pants, or other gear. Additionally, they eliminate heat mirage on precision applications and any IR emitted in night operations. The Burn Proof Gear suppressor covers withstand the most rigorous abuse, are combat proven, Made in the USA, and are lifetime guaranteed.

For installation help: Installation Tutorials

  • Suppressor Cover – Heavy (Fits 1.5″ Diameter Suppressors)
  • Outer layer Kevlar Fabric (Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Wheat Tan) is rated to 1000° F
  • Suppressor cover in Gray or Multicam is rated to 600° F max temp (not full-auto rated)
  • Inner material is rated to 2000° F
  • Safety Disclaimer: allow the cover to cool completely once it is too hot to touch before resuming your firing schedule.

*Note* Be weary of any company claiming a higher rating than above 1000F. This technical data is gathered directly from the creators of Kevlar and Nomex fabrics, DuPont…

Safety recommendation: If the suppressor is too hot to touch with the cover on, you should allow it to cool off before handling or resuming your firing schedule. We have found this to be at roughly 90 rounds fired. Keep in mind, the suppressor and cover will take some time to reach its thermal peak after being fired full-auto or mag dumping. Typically, the suppressor will rise 7 F for every shot fired of 5.56. If you plan on shooting full-auto or getting the suppressor extremely hot, you can double up FR Sleeving (fitment will be affected as the overall diameter will increase).

For help placing your order, please contact us: sales@burnproofgear.com

Please Note: If you need the cover right away, you can order via amazon prime or through a dealer.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 1 in

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20 reviews for BPG Suppressor Cover Heavy

  1. Villafranca Gilberto (verified owner)

    The look and feel of the cover is awesome, a bit difficult to put on without any instructions, but once it’s on there it looks beastly!! You guys have a customer for life.

  2. Jon

    Best suppressor cover I have ever seen. The Kevlar rope is a nice improvement over the bungee. Thanks to this cover, I can shoot without any thought of the extreme heat produced by my suppressor. Awesome customer service as well.

  3. Dylan (verified owner)

    Amazing product and phenomenal service. This is exactly what you’re looking for in a suppressor cover.

  4. stratton.moore (verified owner)

    Title says it all. Great product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do and looks pretty damn cool doing it.

  5. Jim Brands (verified owner)

    Finally a cover that will stay put, won’t burn up, and is light weight!! I love this cover!!

  6. Sam

    Works and fits great. Absolutely love the way it allows me to take the can off without having to wait 1/2 hr for it to cool down and looks fantastic on my sbr. Little mix up with the order but their staff called me immediately and were super professional. Grade A customer service and product.

  7. Mike A. (verified owner)

    This is the best cover on the market by far. Fits perfectly doesnt slide. Outstanding quality not cheap naterial. The cover does what it says so don’t worry about brushing up against it because it won’t burn you. I’m definitely buying a second cover for my other can. I highly recommend this cover to anyone that wants a custom style cover. This company definitely did its homework!!!

  8. Mike Forbes

    Bad to the bone. I was tired of expensive covers that fell off during normal use. This baby stays put! Love it.

  9. Andrew Larriva (verified owner)

    I’ve had my cover for over a year now and it has seen approx 5k rounds.
    Both on a 18″ precision rifle and a 11.5″ SBR.
    This cover is phenomenal!
    I’ve got it smoking hot. So hot it changed color. Smoked and smelled but never burned.
    It is indeed “BURN PROOF”.
    I had some trouble getting the right fit for my Sig SRD 5.56TI due to the odd contours on that can but Alceu was more than professional and really went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the finished product.
    The cover stays put. Mitigates mirage well and has saved me several leg burns in transitions /cq dynamic drills.

    Bottom line…..
    This cover kicks ass.
    Buy it. You won’t regret it.

  10. Troy (verified owner)

    Running a 30cal. surpressed by YHM. This cover works superbly on my set-up , has not melted or burned up like a few others out there on the market . All covers get hot due to the extreme heat from the suppressor, but you don’t want it to melt or come off . the Heavy from BPG dose what it’s supposed to do, protect you from burning yourself or others, heat mirage and staying put on the Can, which this product does well.

  11. Tucker T

    Absolutely love this product. Easy to install and functions 100% as advertised. The quality of the cover is top notch. Will definitely be ordering more covers as suppressors come in.

  12. Gary (verified owner)

    Works as advertised! I had to get one shorter than my can since it sits inside the hand guard. I sinched it down as the directions say without really having to do anything special and the sleeve stays put. All this gets is warm to the touch after two mag dumps. Love it.

  13. Jay (verified owner)

    Works great! In fact, works better than I thought it would! My first time buying a cover to help with the mirage I get in my scope when shooting extended shooting sessions (or after using the can on my AR). Worked like a charm and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another when the time comes!

  14. rlirtzman (verified owner)

    Buy this product… now! Stop shopping and reading reviews for other products. The BPG Heavy suppressor cover is by far the best cover I’ve used – and I’ve tried and tested several including from Armageddon, Griffon, Silencerco and Magpul. And I’ve suffered the embarrassment of watching my Griffon HMMS go flying downrange while working a SCAR17. The BPG cover is, IMHO, simply superior in terms of fit and function. Do yourself a favor and watch the short installation tutorial video (I didn’t initially and struggled). Once you see how it’s done properly, installation is a breeze. And man does this thing snug up and stay put! The BPG is not just good looking/good fitting, it seems to be made from very strong and durable materials. and the heat protection is outstanding. I have four BPG Heavy covers and I’m back to buy another – I don’t think I’ll ever try a different suppressor cover ever again.

  15. mrtatrhd (verified owner)

    Very nice suppressor cover. Perfect fit.

  16. Jesse Wynveen (verified owner)

    Excellent fit and finish on this cover. This is exactly what I was looking for, after using another product which consistantly would slide off as the suppressor got hot.
    This one won’t be sliding off anytime soon. Thanks again guys for all your help

  17. Rene (verified owner)

    First thing I want to say is that customer service is absolute top-notch. I ordered a regular size cover, but needed a costom one, so before shipping they contacted me and got me covered with a custom one without extra charge. Shipping to austria (europe) was surprisingly fast (from the day i ordered till arrival at my door it took ~30 days)
    I put the cover through some heavy use and quite abused it. First I put it on the suppressor it was intended for (ASE Utra jet-Z CQB 5,56) and shot three 30rd mags through it.
    It got quite hot but you could still grip it without fearing for your fingers. The cover survived that without any damage. Since that, I shot over 1000 rounds with that configuaration and never had any issues. In june I switched the cover over to my Steyr UMS suppressor for my AUG and put around 600 rounds throug it. The cover still fits, but since the suppressor has some kind of vents at the front, where gas is exiting it, it started tearing up the fabric. I assumed this would happen but still wanted to try this and push the cover to its limit, however it only blew holes in the fabric where the cover touched the vents. The rest is still like nothing happened, the holes don’t get bigger, it is still snug around the suppressor and it shields off the heat like day one.
    Sorry that it took so long for me to post a review (and my probably weird english), but I wanted to put this cover through some testing and do it justice.
    Now I can wholeheartedly say that if you buy this product you will not be disappointed. Make your rifle look badass, protect your suppressor and your skin 😉

  18. Chris Marinello (verified owner)

    Absolute winner!

    Useful and tough. I have the Rugged Radiant762, Titanium and that pipe gets hot instantly and my ’s thank me every time I transition to my handgun. Not having to worry about being torched makes shooting so much more fun and undoubtedly has improved my accuracy 10 fold.
    It’s better than expected and it looks cool

    If it’s the sticker shock that’s keeping you from getting this, I can confidently say; “it’s worth saving up and getting this wrap . Treat yourself for a change. You deserve it!

  19. TW (verified owner)

    Well worth the price. Looks and performs amazing! I will purchase another without a doubt.

  20. Matt (verified owner)

    When I initially ordered my cover I ordered in the wrong length. Six months later, when my suppressor was finally approved, the cover was too short. I spoke with Alec on the phone and he was more than helpful and willing to exchange my cover for the correct size I needed. It fits perfectly now. I will be ordering strictly from BPG for my covers from now on.

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