BPG Modular Chest Rig System


BPG Modular Chest Rig System

MSRP Value $465



BPG Modular H Harness $75.00
BPG Padded Shoulder Pontoon (each) $20.00
BPG Abdominal Dangler Pouch $75.00
BPG Modular Placard $85.00
BPG Half Flapper $20.00
BPG Slinky Waist Strap (each – requires one) $15.00
BPG Slinky Back Straps (each- requires two) $15.00
BPG Placard Backer $30.00
BPG Backer Pontoons (each – requires two) $20.00
BPG Three Rifl3 Mag Insert $25.00
BPG Two Pisto1 Mag Insert $20.00



The BPG Modular Placard (or Chassis) offers storage capabilities and works in various configurations to accommodate any mission specific needs. The internal Velcro hook and loop area allows you to place our elastic magazine inserts along with radios anywhere on the rig. The “Half Flapper” can be placed anywhere to keep admin items secured or removed altogether. The chassis also comes with a HK style hook to attach gloves, ear pro, cuffs, keys etc.

The precision laser-cut loop PALS webbing front panel allows for Molle gear to be attached easily and securely. With hook velcro as a secondary load bearing system, you can have peace of mind that all your added pouches are mounted securely. Keep in mind that maintaining rigidity while being modular is excellent for confined spaces, high speed – low drag operations.

The BPG Modular Abdominal Dangler Pouch allows you to carry critical items that require quick access, both pockets are lined with soft loop Velcro to attach pouches and other admin items. The front panel is also lined with precision laser cut PALS webbing with matching Multicam loop Velcro.  A third hidden pocket is located on the rear panel of the dangler to store spooky items.

Comfort / Conformability :

Fatigue can be caused in numerous ways. One of those ways is bad load bearing. Most chest-rigs are just harnesses with just straps, no adjustability and no comfort. After prolonged use, chest rigs can become uncomfortable, they can “get in the way” of operations, they slow you down rather than subconsciously support you.

The BPG Modular H Harness provides a contoured shape for more comfort and reduce muscle fatigue as well as maintaining your posture. When you combine a more ergonomic harness shape with our padded shoulder pontoons; the outcome is more endurance, range of motion, flexibility, speed, and an entirely more effective operator. Our dynamic back strap provides flexibility due to it’s integrated mil-spec elastic. Once it’s been strapped to your desired length, it will not restrict your movement in any way.  No excess straps are left hanging due our velcro retention design. We are big on keeping gear slick and nothing to hang or snag while clearing corners or getting in and out of vehicles. In the rear of the chassis you will find two BPG Backer Pontoons that add comfortability but most importantly it creates air flow to minimize fatigue.


The BPG Modular H Harness is dynamic! There are straps that run through the interchanging elastic and Molle webbing section and tuck into the laser cut Molle velcro. This allows you to adjust the ride height of the chassis. If you want to run your chassis lower or higher, you can adjust on the fly. It’s varied chassis height feature allows for more natural reach tailored to your body.  Velcro cuffs at the ends of every adjustment tab, all around the rig, makes sure no excess straps are hanging/dragging you down.

The BPG Modular Placard also features ITW NEXUS removable buckles, to streamline or to mount into a plate carrier. Simply unclip/remove the 1″ buckles from the sides and mount it directly to any loop Velcro panel paired with QD Tubes from First Spear or others for maximum convenience. When not being mounted to a plate carrier you can cover the hook Velcro with the BPG Placard Backer (with optional BPG Backer Pontoons for extra comfort).

Burn Proof Gear has focused on those issues, feedback from first line responders, military, special operations units, instructors and even day to day civilians. We believe we have greatly innovated and contributed to making proper gear that works for ANYONE, ANYWHERE.




Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 8 in

Black, Gray, Olive Drab, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Multicam Arid, Multicam Tropic, Multicam Black, Multicam Alpine, Woodland, AOR1


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