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Suppressor Cover Shootout Review

Suppressor Cover Shootout Review by Capitol Armory and Mancha Suppressors

Temperature ranges are due to hot spots on the silencer. Higher temperatures where in the middle & very end of the can.

Neither of the High Temp covers from @burnproofgear or @silencerco came loose or moved.

BurnProof uses bungee cord & SilencerCo uses Velcro to secure their wraps. These did not burn. (Using a Mirage only SilencerCo Cover will burn & melt it by the second mag).

Securest mounting
Cools off faster
Harder to install & remove
Hard to make adjustments while installed

Secure mounting
Cools slower (metal buckles get very hot)
Easy to install & remove
Easier to make adjustments while installed

Both covers have an inner sleeve which is why they’re rated “High Temp.” The BurnProof sleeve was harder to install because it doesn’t fully surround the can. It’s thin material does lead to fast cooling times.

The SilencerCo inner sleeve is thicker & easily slides on like a sock. The outside is coated in a grippy material which helps keep the actual cover from moving. This material keeps the cover hotter longer.

After 3 mags 556 Full Auto
BurnProof Saker Temp: 412-496°
SilencerCo Saker Temp: 372-469°

After 2 minutes

Burn Proof Cover Temp: 113-136°
SilencerCo Cover Temp: 86-112°
Burn Proof Saker Temp: 292-379°
SilencerCo Saker Temp: 315°-374

After 5 minutes

Burn Proof Cover Temp: 141-312°
SilencerCo Cover Temp: 147-272°
Burn Proof Saker Temp: 206-266°
SilencerCo Saker Temp: 223-349°

After 20 minutes

Burn Proof Cover Temp: 160-259°
SilencerCo Cover Temp: 144-300°
Burn Proof Saker Temp: 102-149°
SilencerCo Saker Temp: 124-184°

Burn Proof Cover Temp: 123-149°
SilencerCo Cover Temp: 165-237°

For the full review please visit their YouTube channel.

“Please note: This review is old. BPG has addressed the issues mentioned in the review and our current Suppressor Covers are much easier to install and remove. The internal sleeving which comes standard with the Suppressor Cover Heavy is also one piece and very easy to install. Lastly, our covers are half the weight of their closest competitor and exceed their performance considerably in retention and heat dissipation and mirage reduction.

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