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Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply

Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply - SMOS is a Burn Proof Gear Dealer

Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply is a Burn Proof Gear Dealer

SMOS, a Burn Proof Gear Dealer, based in the heart of southern Oregon. The small town of Merlin offers some of the best wild country in the world. They has forged SMOS into who they are which inspires them to live free and to do what they love.

Raised to hunt, fish and appreciate the wild; these passions drove them to construct top of the line firearms. They pride themselves in creating products from start to finish and their rifles have been refined over the past decade from first hand experience.

Why the mule?

“Firstly, they’re freakin’ rad! Secondly, mules are more destructive than you are and will stomp and kill cougars and coyotes (we hate cougars and coyotes). SMOS mules are well trained, calm, loyal and patient. Lastly, they do what they want and so do we!”

As you can see, this describes the mule men of SMOS perfectly. The mule has inspired them and they respect the nature of the beast.

Here at SMOS ARMS, we do as the mule!

SMOS ARMS is a stocking Burn Proof Gear Dealer, carrying a wide range of products we manufacture. If you love mules, guns, and suppressors, give them a call! Buy a GFY15 rifle and you’ll also be a mule man for life. If you happen to own a suppressor, ask them to see their Burn Proof Gear suppressor covers and grab one of those too, or 5!

On another note, if you live in South Florida, stop by AWA USA Inc to check out some badass custom SMOS firearms along with various Burn Proof Gear products. AWA USA and Burn Proof Gear, a SMOS Arms dealer, partnered up and share a 3,500 square foot store and warehouse location.

Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply
245 Pleasant Valley Rd
Merlin OR 97532