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Suppressed Pistol Holster

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Mounting Hardware *

Choose your mounting hardware option. If you already have a G-Code or Safariland Drop Leg and extra mounting hardware, select none.

Drop Leg System *

Our holsters are designed to be used with a drop leg system. We typically have the below options in stock.
If you already have a Safariland or G-Code drop leg setup, select none.

Weapon Light *

The below options are available. All light bearing holsters require the weapon light in order to function properly.

Add a weapon light to my order

Add a weapon light to your order. Choose the same light in the option above if you want it to work with your SPH.

Suppressor Cover Light

Add a suppressor cover – light to your order at a discounted price.

The Burn Proof Gear™ Suppressed Pistol Holster™ or SPH took 3 years to finalize development, starting in 2015.

There are many features we’d like to highlight:

  • Ability to deploy your sidearm, with the suppressor, light cover, and weapon light mounted within sub-second draw times
  • No need to remove your suppressor every time you are done shooting
  • The cover allows you to remain worry free from getting burned on your legs
  • Eliminates the need for gloves which rip or get lost often
  • Every Burn Proof Gear™ SPH is backwards compatible with G-Code RTI, Safariland QLS, and Bladetech systems.

The SPH is made in the USA in collaboration with LAS Concealment.

Which handguns will the Burn Proof Gear Suppressed Pistol Holster fit?

The Glock model holster is unique and fits many weapon platforms.

The BPG SPH is compatible with the following platforms:

  • 1911
  • 2011
  • Beretta M9
  • Sig P226 / P229
  • CZ Shadow (1 & 2)
  • Will update list as we test more models.
  • Works with RMR or most optics
  • *Weapon light is required*
  • Mounting hardware required: RTI, QLS, or Bladetech (all holsters are backwards compatible with all three systems).