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    Rail-Rap Heavy

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    The Burn Proof Gear™ Rail-Rap™ has become one of our staple products.

    If you are a serious shooter in the firearms or training community, you’ve burned your hands on a firearm. The Rail-Rap™ aims to solve this issue for the true operator.

    There are many features users have found to be very useful:

    • Cable management
    • Hand positioning reference point
    • Soft point of contact for your rail on a hard surface
    • Reduces heat mirage from rail and barrel to keep your optics’ visibility clear
    • Eliminates the need for gloves which rip or get lost often

    The Rail-Rap™ is made in the USA with Berry amendment fabrics, DuPont™ Kevlar™ TEX-80 thread, and uses our proprietary DuPont™ Kevlar™ Bungee cord rated to 800 F.