BPG Insider Supply Drop Subscription

From: $95.00 / month

Burn Proof Gear Insider Supply Drop Subscription 

This is a monthly subscription service that gives our BEST customers insider access to new, unreleased, or existing products.

What to expect:

  • One-off colorway combination runs of an existing best selling products
  • Prototypes
  • Contract overruns
  • Limited items that might never be released to the public as a standard product offering
  1. Each supply drop will be heavily discounted! 50% OFF Retail, or more (if the box costs $100, you’ll receive at least $200 in product(s).
  2. Discount cards for companies we work with regularly
  3. Your BPG account will be upgraded to a “BPG VIP Member” account type that automatically gets 20% off retail, sitewide, on anything made by BPG.
  4. Every “BPG VIP Member” will receive ‘NEW Product Release’ emails before all other customers do that way they get first dibs on any release.

There are more perks to this membership to be announced in the future as the program develops further.

Subscription Terms and Conditions (*Disclaimer*): Supply Drops will autobill monthly and must be cancelled 30 days prior to the next billing cycle date (every 1st of the month) as we must plan our production runs many months in advance. If you request to cancel within 30 days, we will stop the next billing cycle but that current supply drop cannot be refunded, cancelled, order or shipment altered in anyway. If you choose to pay annually, we will discount the total by an additional 15% but it is non-refundable and the auto-renewal payment will continue yearly until cancelled (must be 30 days or more before the renewal date which is one year from original payment  is made to sign up for the Insider Supply Drop which automatically grants you BPG VIP Membership status while your subscription is active).

Please note, by subscribing you agree to the terms in this disclaimer. If you attempt to file a CC chargeback with your Credit Card company or Paypal, we will cancel / blacklist your account / name. We will also provide all necessary documentation to aforementioned parties so they deny your attempted chargeback claim. Lastly, all products that you receive in a supply drop are non-refundable, exchangeable, or returnable due to the nature of them not being standard production items.


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Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 5 in
Subscription Type

BPG Insider Supply Drop (Billed Monthly), BPG Insider Supply Drop (Billed Yearly)


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