BPG Cobra EDC Belt


  • DuPont Kevlar Thread
  • Belt Width: 1.5″
  • Cobra Buckle Size: 1″ / 25mm
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in the USA

Please measure around your waist with pants on, through your belt loops, and select the length in INCHES below. For sizing chart / guide please scroll down or view the product images. If you need a custom size it will cost extra and lead time will increase.

Custom Cordura Color (Adds +$50)

Custom Outer 1″ Webbing Color (Adds +$50)


The Burn Proof Gear Cobra EDC Belt

Made with mil-spec scuba webbing and Kevlar thread to maintain rigidity, ensure superior load bearing ability, and reduce fatigue.

Made with all US Made and Berry Compliant materials.

Belt Width: 1.5″

AustriAlpin 25mm / 1″ Cobra Buckle

Belt size adjustment is +2″ or -4″ depending on your pants thickness and EDC loadout.

When measuring your waist, pull string through your pants belt loops and measure around your waist. Use this length to pick your size below.

If you fall between a size, 34 for example, go with the larger size so you can have room for carry items.

Size Guide:

S: 30″ to 34″ waist | Belt Length 35″

M: 34-38″ waist | Belt Length 39″

L: 38-42″ waist| Belt Length 44″

XL: 42-46″ waist| Belt Length 48″

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

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