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Buddy Pairs – Team Tactics

  1. The smallest Marine tactical unit is a Fire Team. Fire Teams are comprised of four Marines, but even that small unit is further divided into two Buddy Pairs. A Marine never goes anywhere without a buddy. The first day you arrived at Brown Field, you were assigned a Battle Buddy. In or out of any tactical scenario, move with your buddy. When in the field, use your buddy to cover you and cover for your buddy whether or not rounds are coming at you.
  2. A buddy pair consists of two Marines. This is the smallest number of Marines you will ever move with. The easiest and most basic of movements are done in buddy pairs. A buddy pair ensures that in any situation, there will be one weapon oriented towards a threat. A Marine moving alone is almost completely vulnerable; movement as a pair ensures that there is never an unprotected moment.
    • The covering (stationary) Marine’s responsibility is to ensure that their weapon is always oriented towards the threat.
    • The moving Marine’s responsibility is to ensure that they move in such a way that they do not mask the fire of their covering partner.

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